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Restoring, preserving, promoting, supporting & developing Indonesia’s cultural heritage

Conserving Culture

“Many of Indonesia’s rich and diverse traditional arts and crafts are in danger of vanishing from our wonderfully diverse cultural landscape. We must do everything in our power to ensure that these treasures are preserved for the many future generations still to come, not only in Indonesia but around the world.”

Agus Djamhoer – Total Indonesia Foundation

Sound Bite

Paulus Kadok
Dayak Benuaq
Project leader for the Craft Conservation Programme

From an academic viewpoint, the Dayak migrated to Kalimantan (Borneo) in multiple waves from Yunan Province in southern China, through the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, which is why we have so many different customs, languages, methods of cultivation, tools and arts and crafts…

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Maria Yudit
Dayak Tenggalan (Agabag)

Total Indonesia Foundation’s work has helped motivate the next generation of artisans, not only in terms of payment for our work, but also pride in knowing that that what we do is appreciated by others. Even internationally…

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Conserving Culture

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Conserving Culture